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With 10+ years of experience in print and online media, in 2015 a group of professionals launched the new project - Indigo, a cross-media project consisting of:

  • Monthly magazine on culture, with reflective and on-time essays, interviews, profiles and photo-projects

  • Interactive and visually appealing web platform with diverse content

  • Fiction and nonfiction editions, books

  • And live events: debates, discussions, tours, exhibitions, festivals, events for kids, cooking events and more


What distinguishes us - as a community of authors, photographers, artists and editors - from other magazines on culture is our choice to represent and support newly formed underground communities, marginalized groups and raise sensitive questions, boost discussions on issues, which are of great concern in Post-Soviet Georgian society. We tell stories about people representing minorities: sexual, ethnic, religion and more, who raise their voice and struggle for change.




Indigo has published series of articles about sexual minorities and different religious groups.

Indigo explores cities and the urbanization process on the local and global scale, describing its social, economic and political context. Our monthly edition Indigo is a manifest itself, print edition in the digital world which aims to give voice to the most vivid, colorful urban tribes of the modern Georgian society.

Indigo does not necessarily advocate, though stimulate changes through thought-provoking content in Post-Soviet Georgia. Indigo also raises some sensitive, yet controversial questions about the present and the future.

People who create, who constantly seek inspirations and adventures, who love to go deeper into the heart of the issues, and who like to read interesting reflections on events that surround us, are the people Indigo focuses on. These are the people who innovate; events we cover for them shape the future.

This intense focus, and accordingly planned content, creates devoted audience that consists of affluent, young and middle aged group of people (18-24 age 25%; 25-34 age 27%), who are the passionate contributors to the society, opinion makers, driven by fresh ideas. They are the major stimulus for positive changes in the country.

Indigo thinks about inner and outside world, about topics that trace our lives and perspectives that are schemed out in front of us with distinctive artistic means. Art performances, creatively expressed reflections, socially charged art content, help us communicate with our audience in a way we both enjoy it.

That’s why we build our project on as many direct interactions between the great minds as possible. Our aim is to bring the newest, the boldest, the craziest, and the noblest ideas to the readers in the form of print, web and live events, exclusive interviews with great thinkers, musicians, poets, writers, whose voice is not heard throughout the audience very often.