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საინი - ანბანით შეპყრობილთა შესახებ

April 13, 2019, 11:00:00 PM

„საინი“ – ქართული ასონიშნები ორნამენტებად: ჭურჭლის, ინტერიერისა თუ ექსტერიერის დიზაინში

February 20, 2018, 12:00:00 AM

“Our Inspiration for creating the ornaments comes from Georgia’s distinctive alphabet and we use the shapes of letters to present our language and culture in an original and artistic form.” Saini is an innovative design studio established in 2015 in Tbilisi, Georgia, founded by Georgian artist/designers Nino Slepchenko and Levan Vateishvili. Each Saini product has a unique ornament designed from letters of the Georgian alphabet with the use of mathematics, geometry and rotation technology. Like butterfly from a cocoon, Saini’s ornaments were born from the Georgian script, which is among the most ancient of the world’s 14 original scripts. Nino developed around 2000 unique copyrighted ornaments that can not be found anywhere else. The author observed that application of the same technology to other alphabets does not produce such brilliant results. The word “Saini” in old Georgian means plate, and Saini studio’s main product line is high-end dinnerware. Saini studio works to create high-end dinnerware, exclusive interior and exterior design products: lighting, decorative mirrors, ceramic tiles, floor and wall mosaic, home decor items made of wood, natural stones and fabric. As well as, jewelry, souvenirs and exclusive custom-made items.